Title: Attorney & CEO

Number: 773 828 9544

Contact email: raymond@mcenteelaw.com

All of the languages they speak: English & Basic Uke

About Ray: Before joining the McEntee Law Group, Ray completed his Solicitor training contract with a well respected, medium sized firm in Dublin. He gained extensive experience in commercial litigation, conveyancing and banking law. Ray is a qualified U.S. attorney and a qualified solicitor in Ireland, England and Wales.


Describe yourself in 3 emoji's: 🤔 😎 🌮

How do you take your coffee: Black

Favorite quote: “Ran wild, ran free, course, this all back in the days of yore”. Colin Farrell, Lehiff, Intermission"

Dream Vacation: Hawaii

What song motivates you/wakes you up?: Anything by Jon Bellion

What are you binge watching right now?: Stranger Things 2, This is Us, Mindhunter

Who is your hero?: Messi

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?: Vet

What do you do to relax?: Fajitas & Margaritas

Who would play you in a movie about you?: Milo Ventimiglia

If you could have anyones singing voice or musical ability, whose would you want?: Bob Marley